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Erenoğlu Grup

ERENOĞLU group is a family-owned enterprise founded in 1994. It is composed of three groups, namely Consultancy, Livestock and Language Services. Each company operates under its own umbrella with experienced experts and creates added value.

The most valuable investment for our Company is “man”. Our company, operating in national and international areas, continuously increases the quality of its employees and supports their individual development without compromising the principles of reliability, honesty and consistency and without making religion, language, race, gender and political discrimination. The principle of producing service in a clean, healthy/sound, warm and respectful work environment has been adopted and the understanding of perfectionism is never abandoned.

Our company which is managed with the purpose of turning Knowledge into Service, Production and Economic Value provides services to its customers in a variety of areas with its broad and 25-year experience. Erenoğlu having achieved success in numerous platforms has contributed significantly to Turkish economy and is growing every day. 

ERENOĞLU CONSULTANCY has become a trademark in its sector with the professional services it has provided. Erenoğlu moves forward with confident and determined steps by providing services to its investors in the light of positive sciences. 

Erenoğlu Grup
Our mission is to reach effective information in the fastest way, to convert information into the value in the most efficient way, to continuously increase the value that we create for our investors and to spread this value throughout our country as far as possible via our professional, innovative and future-building approach. 
We have undertaken the task of providing STRATEGIC CONSULTANCY to those who adopt information as their guide and who want to create added-value and production, by showing them the target and the way. 
The best way to produce cost-effective and high-quality goods and services from resources of our country is to use information. 
In this respect, our mission is to provide service by turning knowledge into production, education and commercial value. 


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