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Credit Consultancy

Mevcut Durum Tespiti

Assessment Of The Existing Situation

These are the studies conducted to examine the existing situation with all its aspects in order to take the decision for the correct investment and the correct financing. These are the studies conducted to examine, evaluate and report with all aspects the institutions and/or organizations of which we identify the existing situation with our experiences in the real sector in which we have been engaged for years.

Yurtiçi ve Yurtdışı Finansman Etüdü

Study Of Domestic And Foreign Financing

Many real sector companies need external resources in order to evaluate the opportunities for the projects for growth which they cannot finance with their own equities. These are the services for the studies of the financing to be done in the presence of domestic and foreign finance institutions which can give loan and/or become investor. 

Borç Danışmanlığı

Loan Consultancy (Credit Facility)

We offer the following services to our customers with the world-wide rapid and creative approaches:

* Analysis of the existing financial structure 

* Financial new strategy development

* Determination of suitable financing resources 

* Evaluation of finance alternatives and selection of the most suitable of all

* Preparation of Credit Application File 

* Management of Credit Negotiation Process

* Restructuring of the Credit and/or loan 

* Management of Credit Extension process

Şirket Satın Alma ve Devir Danışmanlığı

Consultancy For Acquisition And Transfer Of The Company

Features of each company are not standard. In this respect, company acquisitions are very risky and the cost of making mistakes is relatively high. It is necessary to be very careful in company acquisitions in the developing countries and in Turkey. 

Our approach is firstly the confidentiality and integrated service understanding. A consultation team is formed and, they manage administrative, financial and legal processes simultaneously in the acquisition and transfer processes and determine all risks. In this respect, we are endeavoring to offer the following services in this scope:


* Planning Services

* Confidentiality studies

* Structuring the agreement

* Examination of the records 

* Identification of the Black Holes, if any

* Buyer Status Identification

* Seller Status Identification 

* Sale and After-Sale Process Management

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