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Food, Agriculture and Livestock

Turkey, thanks to its strategic position and convenient geographical conditions, is one of the leading countries of the world in the areas of Food, Agriculture and Livestock. Approximately 40% of the lands of Turkey are convenient for agriculture. And, this enables the production of a great variety of products on this large area, such as meat and meat products, dairy products, aqua-cultural resources, legumes, grains and fruits and vegetables.

Our Country has gained an extremely suitable position for both national and international investors for investments to be made into this sector thanks to its major characteristics, such as the government support for Food, Agriculture and Livestock investments, convenient climate conditions for Plant Production and production efficiency which increases with the development of Technology.

Our Company providing a variety of services with its experts specialized in this sector is ready to provide integrated CONSULTANCY and ENGINEERING services in the following areas to the investors wishing to make investment in the sector. 

Bitkisel Üretim

Plant Production

  • Production of Field Crops
  • Production of Vegetables-Fruits
  • Production of Fodder Plants
  • Production of Ornamental Plants
  • Production of Mushroom 
  • Greenhouse Cultivation
  • Grapery/Viticulture


  • Stock Farming
  • Sheep and Goat Breeding
  • Poultry Farming
  • Bee Keeping
  • Rabbit Breeding
  • Fishery Production

Tarımsal Sulama

Agricultural Irrigation

    • Pressure Irrigation Systems
    • Intra-Agricultural Irrigation Systems 
    • Springer Irrigation Method 
    • Drip Irrigation Method
    • Drainage Systems
Tarımsal Sanayi

Agricultural Industry

    • Milk and Dairy Products Processing Plant
    • Meat and Meat Products Processing Plant
    • Poultry Slaughter House and Processing Plant
    • Vegetable Oil Production Plant 
    • Legumes Processing and Packing Plant 
    • Fishery Processing Plant 
    • Corn Processing Plant
    • Honey Processing and Packing Plants


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