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Grant Consultancy

Mevcut Durum Tespiti

Assessment Of The Existing Situation

These are the studies to examine from all aspects the grant schemes that are suitable for the scope of the investment to be made and/or services to be offered and to examine, evaluate and report them for compliance with the existing project.

These studies cover the following issues: 

* Supported investment and service issues

* Investment Limits and Support rates  

* Who can apply

* Proper and Improper Expenditures 

* General Conditions to be Provided

Hibe Projelerinin Hazırlanması

Preparation Of Grant Projects

The services offered for the period of the project preparation of the grant applicants cover the following issues. First, it should be kept in mind that approval is not possible for the projects which are not appropriate for the aims and scopes of the Grant Schemes and not in line with the targets of the programme. Our Company manages successfully the following processes for grant projects with its expert staff and experience acquired. 

* Identification of the information and documents to be submitted by the applicant

* Type of application and procedures to be followed

* Submission of the application

Hibe Projelerinin Takip ve Sonuçlandırılması

Monitoring And Finalization Of Grant Projects

This includes the services of monitoring and finalizing in the presence of the related institutions the GRANT PROJECTS and/or their files prepared by us in the framework of the power given in writing and orally by the applicant.

* Process management with related institutions in Application monitoring and Evaluation 

* Compliance with Evaluation Criteria and Follow-up of the Scoring

* Final listing and management of the Selection process. 

Hibe Projelerinin Uygulanması

Implementation Of Grant Projects

It includes the services offered actively in the implementation of Grant Project within the framework of the agreement made with the grant applicant.


* Providing technical support for the signing of the Grant Contract

* Revision management for the final support amounts 

* Technical support for the changes in the Contract 

* Requests for payment and accompanying to the on-site controls 

* Fulfillment of the obligations



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