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Investment Consultancy

Mahalli Etüt Ve Raporlama

Local Study and Reporting

This is the “Preliminary Feasibility” study conducted in order to identify the existing situation in the property and/or facility to which investment will be made; to determine the total amount of the investment; to conduct the studies for grants, credits, incentives and supports; to observe the rentability/profitability; in short, to determine a road map. 

Mimari Projelendirme

Architectural Project Design

This is the service of drawing architectural projects (Layout Plan, Statics, Ferroconcrete, Sanitary and Electric Installation) for the structures to be built in accordance with the demands, needs and legislation and the service of preparing the estimates and quantities. 

Yatırım Teşvik Belgesi Alınması

Acquisition Of Investment Incentive Certificate

This is the service of getting the “Investment Incentive Certificate” from the Ministry of Economy on the event that the investment complies in accordance with its province, capacity and total amount. 

Fizibilite Raporu Hazırlama

Preparation Of Feasibility Report

This is the service of preparing the report in which the investment is evaluated in terms of economic, technical and financial aspects and its profitability is determined to be used in taking the decision of the feasibility and/or in financing study. 

Teknoloji Seçimi

Selection Of Technology

This is the service of giving information about the selection of machinery, equipment and software and raising awareness about the developments, innovations in national and international market. 

Yatırım Yeri Belirleme

Determination Of Investment Area

This is the service of determining the places on the basis of region and property, where the investment is suitable to be made in accordance with its subject, capacity and conformity criteria. 

Proje Uygulama

Project Implementation

This is the service of implementing the project by giving technical support from the stage of idea of the project to the opening of the enterprise.

Proje İzleme ve Değerlendirme

Project Monitoring and Evaluation

This is the service of monitoring, evaluating and reporting both the implementation and results of any types of projects.


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