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  • Tourism

    Tourism sector is among the leading sectors when the employment that it provides in our Country and in the World, in general, is taken into consideration. Turkey has acquired a position competing with and even getting ahead of other countries who are actors in this sector. Especially in recent years, the interest in Thermal (Health) Tourism, Faith Tourism and Rural Tourism has increased and important investments have been made in these fields. 

    Our Country has touristic areas, which shelter excellent coastal bands, numerous natural beauties and historical places together and climatic characteristics where 4 seasons are experienced at the same time, and is of importance. The accumulation of knowledge, a well-trained young and dynamic workforce and strong governmental supports in the Tourism Sector have made the investments in this sector extremely advantageous. Our Company, with its experts specialized in this important sector, offers integrated CONSULTANCY and ENGINEERING services in the following areas to the entrepreneurs to make investment in the sector. 


    Asli Konaklama Tesisleri

    Essential Accommodation Facilities 

      • Hotels
      • Hostels
      • Holiday Villages
      • Lodgings
      • Camping
      • Apartment Hotels
      • Motels
    Rekreasyon Tesisleri

    Recreational Facilities 

      • Recreation Centers
      • Thematic Parks
      • Establishments for Excursionists
      • Winter Sports and Skiing Centers Mechanical Facilities
      • Compound Facilities
      • Tourism Cities
      • Tourism Complexes
    Yeme-İçme ve Eğlence Tesisleri

    Food-Drink and Entertainment Facilities

      • Chain Facilities
      • Restaurants 
      • Personnel Training Facilities
      • Cafeterias 
      • Entertainment Venues
    Kırsal Turizm Tesisleri

    Rural Tourism Facilities

      • Farm House – Country House
      • Rest Stops
      • Tableland Houses
      • Floating Establishments
      • Chalets/Mountain Huts
  • Alternative Energy

    In recent years, considering the economic growth figures of countries, the energy sector has become the fastest-growing sector of the world. Day by day, costs of energy use are increasing in the world and resources are decreasing as well. For this reason, Alternative (Renewable) Energies are being produced and consumed widely both in the world and in our country. 

    Thanks to the high potential for clean and renewable energy, entrepreneur industry structure, decisiveness of Turkey for modernization and development and foreign investment potential, a great variety of incentives and supports are given for Alternative Energy Investments in our country and financing is provided by many national and international credit organizations.

    Our Company offers integrated CONSULTANCY and ENGINEERING services in the following areas to the investors to invest in the Alternative Energy sector.

    Alternatif (Yenilenebilir) Enerji Tesisleri

    Alternative (Renewable) Energy Facilities

      • Solar Energy
      • Wind Power
      • Geothermal Energy
      • Biomass
      • Biogas
  • Environmental

    World economy is developing; industrialization and urbanization is gaining speed every passing day. In parallel to this growth, Environmental Awareness and investments in this area are rapidly increasing. Recycling, purification of water, treatment of liquid and solid wastes, environmental remediation and solid waste management are the subjects of great importance in Turkey. 

    Our Company offers integrated CONSULTANCY and ENGINEERING services in the following areas to the investors to make investment in the Environmental sector.

    Çevre Teknolojileri ve Altyapı Tesisleri

    Environmental (Eco) Technologies and Infrastructure Facilities

      • Solid Waste Facilities
      • Liquid Waste Facilities
      • Recycling and Disposal Facilities
  • Food, Agriculture and Livestock

    Turkey, thanks to its strategic position and convenient geographical conditions, is one of the leading countries of the world in the areas of Food, Agriculture and Livestock. Approximately 40% of the lands of Turkey are convenient for agriculture. And, this enables the production of a great variety of products on this large area, such as meat and meat products, dairy products, aqua-cultural resources, legumes, grains and fruits and vegetables.

    Our Country has gained an extremely suitable position for both national and international investors for investments to be made into this sector thanks to its major characteristics, such as the government support for Food, Agriculture and Livestock investments, convenient climate conditions for Plant Production and production efficiency which increases with the development of Technology.

    Our Company providing a variety of services with its experts specialized in this sector is ready to provide integrated CONSULTANCY and ENGINEERING services in the following areas to the investors wishing to make investment in the sector. 

    Bitkisel Üretim

    Plant Production

    • Production of Field Crops
    • Production of Vegetables-Fruits
    • Production of Fodder Plants
    • Production of Ornamental Plants
    • Production of Mushroom 
    • Greenhouse Cultivation
    • Grapery/Viticulture


    • Stock Farming
    • Sheep and Goat Breeding
    • Poultry Farming
    • Bee Keeping
    • Rabbit Breeding
    • Fishery Production

    Tarımsal Sulama

    Agricultural Irrigation

      • Pressure Irrigation Systems
      • Intra-Agricultural Irrigation Systems 
      • Springer Irrigation Method 
      • Drip Irrigation Method
      • Drainage Systems
    Tarımsal Sanayi

    Agricultural Industry

      • Milk and Dairy Products Processing Plant
      • Meat and Meat Products Processing Plant
      • Poultry Slaughter House and Processing Plant
      • Vegetable Oil Production Plant 
      • Legumes Processing and Packing Plant 
      • Fishery Processing Plant 
      • Corn Processing Plant
      • Honey Processing and Packing Plants


  • Manufacturing Industry

    Manufacturing Industry is the main constituent of all economies. It is of specific importance in terms of employment, production and profitability. Industry sector has numerous subsectors. The most important ones are Food, Textile, Clothing, Drinks, Chemistry, Plastics, Metal, Electricity, Furniture, and it contains many other important subsectors. 

    Investors who desire to make investment in this strategically important sector or who want to renovate and modernize their existing facilities can benefit from many incentives and supports for the Industrial Sector.

    Our Company, with its specialized and experienced team in their field, offers CONSULTANCY services in the following areas to the investors who want to benefit from these incentives, supports or financing opportunities.

    İmalat Sanayi Tesisleri

    Manufacturing Industry

      • Food and Drinks
      • Textile and Clothing
      • Forest Products
      • Paper
      • Leather and Welt
      • Rubber and Plastics
      • Chemistry
      • Glass
      • Iron and Steel


      • Transportation Vehicles
      • Hardware
      • Machinery Manufacturing
      • Electrical Machines 
      • Electronics
      • Cement
      • Terra-Cotta(Baked Clay) and Cement Mtrl.
      • Construction 
      • Ceramics