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  • Investment Consultancy
    Mahalli Etüt Ve Raporlama

    Local Study and Reporting

    This is the “Preliminary Feasibility” study conducted in order to identify the existing situation in the property and/or facility to which investment will be made; to determine the total amount of the investment; to conduct the studies for grants, credits, incentives and supports; to observe the rentability/profitability; in short, to determine a road map. 

    Mimari Projelendirme

    Architectural Project Design

    This is the service of drawing architectural projects (Layout Plan, Statics, Ferroconcrete, Sanitary and Electric Installation) for the structures to be built in accordance with the demands, needs and legislation and the service of preparing the estimates and quantities. 

    Yatırım Teşvik Belgesi Alınması

    Acquisition Of Investment Incentive Certificate

    This is the service of getting the “Investment Incentive Certificate” from the Ministry of Economy on the event that the investment complies in accordance with its province, capacity and total amount. 

    Fizibilite Raporu Hazırlama

    Preparation Of Feasibility Report

    This is the service of preparing the report in which the investment is evaluated in terms of economic, technical and financial aspects and its profitability is determined to be used in taking the decision of the feasibility and/or in financing study. 

    Teknoloji Seçimi

    Selection Of Technology

    This is the service of giving information about the selection of machinery, equipment and software and raising awareness about the developments, innovations in national and international market. 

    Yatırım Yeri Belirleme

    Determination Of Investment Area

    This is the service of determining the places on the basis of region and property, where the investment is suitable to be made in accordance with its subject, capacity and conformity criteria. 

    Proje Uygulama

    Project Implementation

    This is the service of implementing the project by giving technical support from the stage of idea of the project to the opening of the enterprise.

    Proje İzleme ve Değerlendirme

    Project Monitoring and Evaluation

    This is the service of monitoring, evaluating and reporting both the implementation and results of any types of projects.


  • Credit Consultancy
    Mevcut Durum Tespiti

    Assessment Of The Existing Situation

    These are the studies conducted to examine the existing situation with all its aspects in order to take the decision for the correct investment and the correct financing. These are the studies conducted to examine, evaluate and report with all aspects the institutions and/or organizations of which we identify the existing situation with our experiences in the real sector in which we have been engaged for years.

    Yurtiçi ve Yurtdışı Finansman Etüdü

    Study Of Domestic And Foreign Financing

    Many real sector companies need external resources in order to evaluate the opportunities for the projects for growth which they cannot finance with their own equities. These are the services for the studies of the financing to be done in the presence of domestic and foreign finance institutions which can give loan and/or become investor. 

    Borç Danışmanlığı

    Loan Consultancy (Credit Facility)

    We offer the following services to our customers with the world-wide rapid and creative approaches:

    * Analysis of the existing financial structure 

    * Financial new strategy development

    * Determination of suitable financing resources 

    * Evaluation of finance alternatives and selection of the most suitable of all

    * Preparation of Credit Application File 

    * Management of Credit Negotiation Process

    * Restructuring of the Credit and/or loan 

    * Management of Credit Extension process

    Şirket Satın Alma ve Devir Danışmanlığı

    Consultancy For Acquisition And Transfer Of The Company

    Features of each company are not standard. In this respect, company acquisitions are very risky and the cost of making mistakes is relatively high. It is necessary to be very careful in company acquisitions in the developing countries and in Turkey. 

    Our approach is firstly the confidentiality and integrated service understanding. A consultation team is formed and, they manage administrative, financial and legal processes simultaneously in the acquisition and transfer processes and determine all risks. In this respect, we are endeavoring to offer the following services in this scope:


    * Planning Services

    * Confidentiality studies

    * Structuring the agreement

    * Examination of the records 

    * Identification of the Black Holes, if any

    * Buyer Status Identification

    * Seller Status Identification 

    * Sale and After-Sale Process Management

  • Grant Consultancy
    Mevcut Durum Tespiti

    Assessment Of The Existing Situation

    These are the studies to examine from all aspects the grant schemes that are suitable for the scope of the investment to be made and/or services to be offered and to examine, evaluate and report them for compliance with the existing project.

    These studies cover the following issues: 

    * Supported investment and service issues

    * Investment Limits and Support rates  

    * Who can apply

    * Proper and Improper Expenditures 

    * General Conditions to be Provided

    Hibe Projelerinin Hazırlanması

    Preparation Of Grant Projects

    The services offered for the period of the project preparation of the grant applicants cover the following issues. First, it should be kept in mind that approval is not possible for the projects which are not appropriate for the aims and scopes of the Grant Schemes and not in line with the targets of the programme. Our Company manages successfully the following processes for grant projects with its expert staff and experience acquired. 

    * Identification of the information and documents to be submitted by the applicant

    * Type of application and procedures to be followed

    * Submission of the application

    Hibe Projelerinin Takip ve Sonuçlandırılması

    Monitoring And Finalization Of Grant Projects

    This includes the services of monitoring and finalizing in the presence of the related institutions the GRANT PROJECTS and/or their files prepared by us in the framework of the power given in writing and orally by the applicant.

    * Process management with related institutions in Application monitoring and Evaluation 

    * Compliance with Evaluation Criteria and Follow-up of the Scoring

    * Final listing and management of the Selection process. 

    Hibe Projelerinin Uygulanması

    Implementation Of Grant Projects

    It includes the services offered actively in the implementation of Grant Project within the framework of the agreement made with the grant applicant.


    * Providing technical support for the signing of the Grant Contract

    * Revision management for the final support amounts 

    * Technical support for the changes in the Contract 

    * Requests for payment and accompanying to the on-site controls 

    * Fulfillment of the obligations



  • Management Consultancy


    Stratejik Planlama ve Yönetim

    Strategic Planning And Management

    The most successful companies of today will be those which can identify their changing needs on time, take necessary actions as per their identifications and apply them. 

    We work together with our customers in Strategy Planning and Management processes and ask ourselves the following questions: 






    Our team of experts makes important contribution to our customers in taking their important strategic decisions, defining customer and market strategies, and realizing their plans and management methods in many areas such as finance, management, procurement. 

    Kurumsal Kapasite Geliştirme

    Institutional Capacity Building

    Timely getting the accuracy of the data provided to our customers and the reliability of the data are of great importance for our customers in managing their complicated work process. And this is directly proportionate to continuous improvement and development of the institutional capacity.  


    The most important factors here are the software used in the institution and also institutional management models such as customer relations management, supply chain management which are as important as data processing. 


    Institutional applications are not limited with the abovementioned items. In this scope, the following services are offered to our customers:


    - Needs Assessment and Selection of the Institutional Application Model 

    - Restructuring

    - Institutional Capacity Implementation and Follow-up Evaluation.



    Proje Geliştirme

    Project Development

    ERENOĞLU gives consultancy to Private Sector and other institutions in the areas of getting access to suitable technology and cooperation opportunities in order to realize their ideas. ERENOĞLU offers result-oriented services by mediating in the partnership agreements, turning the ideas into projects and presenting them to international financing organizations. 

    - Study of Advantageous Sectors

    - Project Planning Design and Introduction

    - Forming Project Teams in Multi-Partnered Projects

    - Finding Project Financing

    - Project Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation


  • Training Consultancy
    Eğitim İhtiyaç Analizi

    Training Needs Analysis

    It is an indispensible obligation in this global competition environment that full-time company employees and state officials keep up with the rapidly changing needs, or in other words the expectations of the institutions and organizations, and meet those expectations.

    Our Company, which is always aware of the changing expectations of the customers, offers “TRAINING NEEDS ANALYSIS” in order to identify the real training needs of the customers and their employees, before offering the most suitable training solutions. Our Company realizes this by considering the following: 

    - Expectations of Institutions and Organizations

    - Expectations of the Employees

    - Problematic areas

    - Training needs analysis considering the aspects of the institutional capacity in need of improvement 

    Accordingly, the following subjects are handled:

    - Training Needs Analysis Design  

    - Data Collection and Analysis Method 

    - Business Analysis 

    - Performance Analysis

    Eğitim Uygulama Programları

    Training Implementation Schedules

    ERENOĞLU offers training consultancy services in many areas, such as product development, sale and marketing techniques, Foreign Trade incentives and Supports, Project Preparation Implementation during the preparation period of the national industry and entrepreneurs for global competition. 


    ERENOĞLU realizes these services through academics whose theoretical and practical careers are at high levels and field experts within the framework of the following programme: 


    1- Project Training

    2- Investment-Credit and Grant Incentive and Support Training

    3- Commercial Business Management

    4- Agricultural Product Technical Training

    5- Advanced Sale Techniques

    6- Agricultural Banking

    Eğitim Tasarlama ve Materyal Hazırlama

    Training Design And Material Preparation

    A training in which the learning targets are defined with the customer and which will ensure the achievement of these targets is designed in order to be used in solving a problem and/or meeting a need in the institutions and companies. Materials appropriate for the designed training are prepared and a special importance is attached to the materials which enable the fulfillment of the practical applications for ensuring the development of individual competences. 

    Eğitim Sonuçlarını Değerlendirme ve Raporlama

    Evaluation And Reporting Of Training Results

    Customer satisfaction and cashier satisfaction are of our indispensable principles.

    Positive and negative views and wishes of each trained person (trainee) are very valuable for us. For this reason, a questionnaire and reporting is necessarily done at the end of each training and the results are represented to the customer. In this report will there be each trainee’s evaluation on the trainer and the training quality, and also the attendance and non-attendance rates, interest, participation and individual activities of each trainee. Trainee Status Report is also submitted to the Human Resources Department of the Institution where the trainee is employed.



  • Privatization Consultancy


    Hazine Arazilerinin Özelleştirilmesi

    Privatization Of Public Property

    This is the service of providing technical support for the process of privatization, constitution of the servitude of or direct sale of the properties under the power and disposition the Undersecreteriat of the Treasury or its affiliate within the framework of related legislation.


    Kamu İktisadi Kuruluşlarının Özelleştirilmesi

    Privatization Of Public Economic Enterprises

    This is the service of giving technical support to the process of privatization, constitution of servitude of or direct sale of the Public Economic Enterprises and/or their properties.