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Training Consultancy

Eğitim İhtiyaç Analizi

Training Needs Analysis

It is an indispensible obligation in this global competition environment that full-time company employees and state officials keep up with the rapidly changing needs, or in other words the expectations of the institutions and organizations, and meet those expectations.

Our Company, which is always aware of the changing expectations of the customers, offers “TRAINING NEEDS ANALYSIS” in order to identify the real training needs of the customers and their employees, before offering the most suitable training solutions. Our Company realizes this by considering the following: 

- Expectations of Institutions and Organizations

- Expectations of the Employees

- Problematic areas

- Training needs analysis considering the aspects of the institutional capacity in need of improvement 

Accordingly, the following subjects are handled:

- Training Needs Analysis Design  

- Data Collection and Analysis Method 

- Business Analysis 

- Performance Analysis

Eğitim Uygulama Programları

Training Implementation Schedules

ERENOĞLU offers training consultancy services in many areas, such as product development, sale and marketing techniques, Foreign Trade incentives and Supports, Project Preparation Implementation during the preparation period of the national industry and entrepreneurs for global competition. 


ERENOĞLU realizes these services through academics whose theoretical and practical careers are at high levels and field experts within the framework of the following programme: 


1- Project Training

2- Investment-Credit and Grant Incentive and Support Training

3- Commercial Business Management

4- Agricultural Product Technical Training

5- Advanced Sale Techniques

6- Agricultural Banking

Eğitim Tasarlama ve Materyal Hazırlama

Training Design And Material Preparation

A training in which the learning targets are defined with the customer and which will ensure the achievement of these targets is designed in order to be used in solving a problem and/or meeting a need in the institutions and companies. Materials appropriate for the designed training are prepared and a special importance is attached to the materials which enable the fulfillment of the practical applications for ensuring the development of individual competences. 

Eğitim Sonuçlarını Değerlendirme ve Raporlama

Evaluation And Reporting Of Training Results

Customer satisfaction and cashier satisfaction are of our indispensable principles.

Positive and negative views and wishes of each trained person (trainee) are very valuable for us. For this reason, a questionnaire and reporting is necessarily done at the end of each training and the results are represented to the customer. In this report will there be each trainee’s evaluation on the trainer and the training quality, and also the attendance and non-attendance rates, interest, participation and individual activities of each trainee. Trainee Status Report is also submitted to the Human Resources Department of the Institution where the trainee is employed.



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