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Foreign Trade Consultancy

Since the early 1980’s, our Country has adopted the free market economy and has been integrated with the World Trade. Foreign Trade Services are offered to foreign companies which desire to make investment in Turkey and to our domestic companies which desire to trade with the World. Main headings for our foreign trade services are as follows: 

Sektör Analizleri ve Ülke Raporları

Sector Analyses and Country Reports

We prepare sector and Market studies for our customers by using various databases, including that of World Trade Organization on the event that they inform us about the sectors and markets they are                                                                                interested in.

Ticari Ortak veya Ticari İşbirliği

Commercial Partner Or Commercial Cooperation

We meet the demands for Commercial Partnership and cooperation published within the bulletins of World Trade Organization and within the network or various                                                               Trade Centers.

Doğrudan Yabancı Sermaye Danışmanlığı

Direct Foreign Capital Consultancy

Within the context of the Law on Direct Foreign Investments (No. 3875) all foreign natural and legal persons can carry out commercial activities by establishing the following commercial organizations.


Our Company offers the following services in this scope: 


- Legislation Support

- Permission and Documentation Support

- Providing Direct Foreign Capital Incentives and Supports