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Proofreading and Editing Services

In order to minimize the loss of meaning in translation, it is necessary that competent and experienced proofreaders check the translated text and fix potential errors. ERENOĞLU provides translation control and proofreading services with experienced proofreaders described on the “translation team” page.

 ·         Proofreading and Control:

This service consists of reviewing any kinds of translated texts/documents and/or original texts/documents checking for punctuation, orthographic and grammatical rules, formatting and similar corrections for style without considering the content of the document.

 ·          Editing Services

Editing services involves services additional to the ones offered within the context of proofreading such as content editing, correcting repeated and unnecessary words, ensuring clarity and fluency and finalizing any kinds of original materials and/or translated texts/documents for printing and publication.

 Text/document types:

o    Translated texts/documents by Erenoğlu

o    Translated texts/documents outside Erenoğlu

o    Texts/documents prepared in the source language 

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