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EU Acquis

EU ACQUIS COMMUNAUTAIRE is divided into 35 chapters, and is the total body of EU law accumulated thus far, governing all aspects of the social life.
Following the unanimous acknowledgement and declaration of Turkey’s candidate status in the December 1999 Helsinki Summit, ERENOĞLU put forward its experience in 35 chapters for the translation and interpretation services for the transposition and harmonization efforts.
Aware of the sensitive and important nature of the European Union Technical Support and Twinning Projects for the Acquis Transposition, ERENOĞLU provides,

Translation and translation control services for;

1. EU Acquis
2. Laws/Acts
3. Regulations
4. Directives/By-Laws
5. Communiqués
6. Circulars
7. Mission Reports
8. Project Specification Documents, Tenders, and Other Documents
9. Commencement Reports
10. Progress Reports
11. Final Reports
12. Standards
13. Evaluation Reports
14. Correspondence
15. And other issues,
Interpretation services for;
1. Workshops
2. Seminars
3. Symposiums
4. Meetings
5. Study Visits
6. Project Commencement Meetings
7. Project Finalization Meetings
8. Bilateral Talks,
And Consultant interpreting as well as Editing Services for various fields of expertise.
1-Free movement of goods.
2- Free movement of labor
3-Rıght of abode and freedom to provide services
4-Free movement of capital
5-Public tenders
6-Company law
7-Intellectual property law
8-Competition policy
10-Information society and media
11-Agriculture and rural development
12-Food safety, animal and plant health policy
14-Transportation policy
17-Economy and monetary policy
19-Social policy and employment
20-Policy on companies and industry
21-Transportation networks over Europe
22-Regional policy
23-Legal and fundamental rights
24-Justice, freedom, and security
25-Science and research
26-Education and culture
28-Consumption and the protection of health
29-Customs union
30-Foreign relations
31-External security and defense
32-Financial control
33-Financial and budgetary requirements
35-Other issues
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