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  • Written Translation Services
    We provide translation of written texts/documents from the source language to the target language in any sector and field in the following main languages:
    English   < > Turkish                                   English   
    German  < > Turkish                                   German 
    French   < > Turkish                                    French
    Russian  < > Turkish                                   AND WITH ALL OTHER EUROPEAN LANGUAGES
    Arabic    < > Turkish                                   Russian
                                                                     LANGUAGE COMBINATIONS

    •   Adherence to the content of the texts/documents

    •   Quality, Accuracy, Professional Approach, Reliability

    •   Utmost respect for the Principle of Confidentiality

    •   The use of language in accordance with its own rules of spelling, grammar and punctuation

    •   Timely and complete fulfilling commitments

    •   One-to-one translation and proofreading including formatting and styles

    •   An inquisitive approach to translation

    •   A preliminary study for the contents and terminology of the text for works requiring expertise

    •   Ensuring the conformity with the terminology

    •   The selection of translators/proofreading teams according to topic

    •   The use of terminology in accordance with the needs of the client.

    •   Proofreading/editing of translated texts

    •   Preparing the translations of documents such as leaflets, catalogues, guide books for publishing 

    •   Archiving for at least 5 years

  • Interpretation Services

    o   Consecutive or Simultaneous Translation services for  various organizations:

    §  Meetings

    §  Seminars

    §  Congresses

    §  Symposiums


    §  Business Meetings and Negotiations

    §  Workshops

    §  Mission Visits

    §  Bilateral Negotiations etc.

  • Technical Language Consultancy
    Technical Assistance (Capacity Building Techniques in Language and Translation Services)

    •   Providing technical support in the formation of institutional capacity as regards language services 
    •   Assistance in acquiring international communication skills 
    •   Training on management of translation and documentation 
    •   Providing consultants – translators in undertaking international businesses requiring field expertise. 
  • Proofreading and Editing Services

    In order to minimize the loss of meaning in translation, it is necessary that competent and experienced proofreaders check the translated text and fix potential errors. ERENOĞLU provides translation control and proofreading services with experienced proofreaders described on the “translation team” page.

     ·         Proofreading and Control:

    This service consists of reviewing any kinds of translated texts/documents and/or original texts/documents checking for punctuation, orthographic and grammatical rules, formatting and similar corrections for style without considering the content of the document.

     ·          Editing Services

    Editing services involves services additional to the ones offered within the context of proofreading such as content editing, correcting repeated and unnecessary words, ensuring clarity and fluency and finalizing any kinds of original materials and/or translated texts/documents for printing and publication.

     Text/document types:

    o    Translated texts/documents by Erenoğlu

    o    Translated texts/documents outside Erenoğlu

    o    Texts/documents prepared in the source language 

  • Deciphering
    Deciphering services involves the deciphering/transcription of any kinds of recordings of meetings, seminars, conferences, workshops, interviews and the like, on cassettes, CDs, VCDs, DVDs or any other kinds of recording units and transferring them into required text formats such as Word, Pdf or PowerPoint presentations.
  • Practice Topic
    • European Union Legislations
    • Laws – Regulations – Communiqués – Directives/By-laws
    • Tender Specifications
    • Standards
    • Project Final Reports
    • Research Reports – Annual Reports
    • Tender Documents
    • Contracts
    • Commercial Documents
    • Promotional Booklets – Presentations
    • Web Sites
    • Manuals
    • Official Documents (TÜV– CE – Circulars – Trade Registry Gazettes – Diplomas – Letters of Attorney – Residence)
    • Financial Documents
    • Institutional Bulletins and Books
    • Correspondence and Communication on Cooperation between Private Companies
    • Theses – Articles
    During the last five years particularly in the harmonization efforts with the EU Acquis, our company has made translations of more than 180,000 pages (technical, law, legislative, economic, medical and other fields) primarily for the European Council Strasbourg Turkish Office, the Turkish Delegation of the European Union, the World Bank Turkey County Office, United Nations, Embassies of Foreign States in Turkey, the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock and its affiliated General Directorates, the Ministry of Health and its affiliated General Directorates and Departments, the Social Security Institution, the Ministry of Forestry and Water Works, the Ministry of Environment and City Planning, the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, the Ministry of the EU Affairs and other various public institutions and bodies as well as for EU Twinning and Technical Assistance Projects, NGOs and national and international private sector establishments, and has a translator team competent in the EU terminology as well as sectoral terminologies.
  • Language Services Flow Chart