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Translation Projects for the Public Sector

Especially in the 2000s, Turkey again entered into a period of rapid growth and the dimensions of its relations with the world has increased significantly during this period. The international relationships rapidly heightening in diplomatic, technical and economic areas also increased the enterprises and contributions of the public sector, directing it to multi-dimensionality.

ERENOĞLU, being aware of the harmony between the public and the private sector and the responsibility of the private sector towards the public, provides WRITTEN AND ORAL TRANSLATION SERVICE to various domestic and foreign Public Establishments and Institutions at national and international standards in all topics, thus, contributing to the efforts to Enlarge and Develop the Institutional Capacity of the Public Sector.

Particularly in the last four years, our firm has provided translation service (technical, legislations, economy, trade, medical, among others) of a total of more than 120,000 pages especially to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and its affiliate General Directorates, the Ministry of Health and its affiliate General Directorates and Departments, the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, ABGS and other various public establishments and institutions within the framework of the harmonisation of the EU legislations, and to various EU Twinning and Technical Support Projects and to national and international private sector establishments and to NGOs, and as a consequence has established a work team and infrastructure that have a good command of the sector terminology, especially the EU terminology.

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